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Sentimental scams: how to recognize?

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You've met with a beautiful Russian or Ukrainian woman on the net. How to understand if it is a crook or not?

Scammers have common features:

1. Profile with beautiful photos - no more than 5.The age between 28-35 years.

2. Simple name and surname.

3. Messages are usually stereotyped with banal phrases. Crooks have a collection of messages prepared in advance that he sends to everyone by simply changing the name of the victim.

4. What is there in the letter? Usually it's a story that causes sympathetic emotions. For example the tragic death of the family or serious illness of a parent. During the following communication is no longer mentions this story as a rogue is afraid of making a blunder.

5. The feelings appear very quickly.

6. A crook trying to learn your level of life and back.

Be very careful, please marriage agencies with the verified reputation.